I am Marina and this little space is where I like to share my recipes, healthy tips and other permaculture adventures with you.


While food has always been my passion and I loved wandering around the kitchen since I was very small, I’m also a marine biologist and seaweed freak. I’m a lover for all things nature, from diving in the magic of the ocean to watching a seed turn into a sprout.

My inspiration for both food and nature led me to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I could merge both worlds and become a health coach, integrating the nutritional, environmental and emotional components of life.

My food philosophy

Everything we eat is processed sunshine!

This concept still amazes me today.

The aim of Sun to Table is to share ideas about how to easily use whole, unprocessed, organic food whenever possible. I like using ingredients that are as closest to its natural state as possible avoiding chemical names I can’t pronounce, foods that are local and in season and which ultimately allow me to have a strong sense of connection to the natural environment, the rhythms and the seasons.

By using these wholesome ingredients, I also get to support the local farmers markets on the weekends and be part of my local food coop where I buy most of my staples in bulk, reduce waste and best of all, engage with my community.

Sun to Table is predominantly plant-based and even though I don’t like the idea of being labeled vegetarian or gluten free, most of my recipes are adapted to suit these lifestyle choices. It all comes up to conscious cooking with real ingredients and mindful eating.

My idea of eating real food is very far from a sense of deprivation or counting calories, its rather about adding healthy whole foods to what I already eat, experimenting with new ingredients and really just enjoying delicious foods that also happen to be food for the soul.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about me. I hope Sun to Table inspires you to make healthy and sustainable decisions as an everyday consumer and ignites you to live more in tune with mother nature.