Farm Internship: Introduction


I have been lucky enough to have spent the last 5 weeks living as an intern at Purple Pear Farm, a little permaculture & biodynamic farm based in the Hunter Valley NSW Australia, run by a lovely couple Mark and Kate.

I thought it would be nice to share a bit about my experience living, working and most importantly learning so many new farm and life skills.

I hope you enjoy the photos below…

Driving down Anambah Road



The entrance to Purple Pear

The first lesson upon waking up the first morning was all about the intention you put on your work. Mark talked about the importance of having good energy when working around the food we eat in the mandala garden. If I was weeding I should be feeling happy, calm and purposeful about weeding, whereas if I were to think negatively about it or have a little mental rant, I should better step away from the food gardens and go and work on something else on the farm.

From that day onwards, I could say this has been the most important lesson that I have carried with me on my day to day life; good intent : )

Yup thats me



Believe there is good in the world

My intention before coming to Purple Pear was to experience what it really is to live on a farm. I completed (and loved it!) a Permaculture design course earlier this year and have since been reading non-stop about growing my food and walking softly on this Earth. I felt I needed a rest of all the books and theory learning and decided to soak myself into a real farming experience and get my hands (and everything else) dirty.

My grounding process begins…



The cosy little van where I slept


End of August is the wakening of Aussie spring…. it was a gift to watch the baby apples, pears and mulberries yawn out from the cold winter into the warm sun.

Baby apple and blossoms



Family of baby pears



Tiny Mulberries before they turn purple and juicy



I’m also soaking in some of this spring sunshine…


And of course bees have started foraging like crazy and filling up their pollen sacks to the brim! I will write a separate post about bees soon, stay tuned.

Busy workers foraging on the pear blossoms


Overall, Mark and Kate have both been great teachers, offering their knowledge and love unconditionally. My deepest gratitude is sent towards you if you are reading this!  And as Mark says I agree that “It’s people that make Purple Pear Farm special”





  1. Lovely photos Marina. We were very fortunate indeed to have you come and stay on our farm. we planted out two of the rows you and Josh prepared for us. One row of cucumbers and one of zucchinis. Hope you are enjoying your trip back to Spain and we look forward to catching up with you when you get back.

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